NYC Street Action

May 11 2008

Harlem - 11th of the Month

Another productive day in Harlem. More comment soon.

Apr 26 2008

Brooklyn Peace Fair

We had a table at this year’s Brooklyn Peace Fair held by Brooklyn for Peace. There were a wide variety of organizations present, each with a table of information, media, and opportunities to volunteer. Our table had a couple dozen books which we felt represented the breadth of our concerns as well as some of our promotional media. We had a number of good conversations, made some connections with local organizations, and to our surprise someone slipped $100 dollars into our donation box.

Apr 14 2008

Union Square

The spotty weather has been keeping us in Union Square lately. This was a good day for us. There was a gathering planned by the Satyagraja forum in front of the statue of Gandhi and many people marching around the square carrying printed signs with Gandhi quotes. We listened to them speak, and while they had good things to say, the whole think seemed a bit like a chance for upper-middle class folks to feel good about themselves. We heard no advocacy of taking action. And being right there with our environmental message, we did not receive much attention or supportive comments from them.

Apr 6 2008

Union Square

While we had to cancel our plan to get to Harlem due to likely rain, we still had a positive experience in Union Square. While we were there a fairly large number of people assembles who were a part of the Satyagraha conference. They marched around Union Square with printed signs about peace and then met in from of the statue of Gandhi. They were promoting Philip Glass’ new opera of the same name. He was in attendance. We had the thought that wanting peace was a lot different than doing something to achieve it. But we knew their hearts were in the right place.

Mar 31 2008

Union Square

Great day on the street. We had a lot of good conversations with people who were curious. And our new banner sign really seems to get us a much more positive response than the old one. There was a Korean fashion line doing a launch event behind us. They had a Korean b-boy team and said they were promoting concern for global warming. Green is so in right now, that one hopes it won’t be out next season.

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