May 17

The New England 9/11 Symposium: Family Members and Researchers Speak Out

Saturday, May 17th, 2008
Keene High School,
Keene, NH
Admission $15
Doors Open at 9:30 a.m.


January 26

Truth Emergency - Santa Cruz Media Strategy Summit

PURPOSE A collaborative gathering of media veterans, scholars, activists & whistleblowers to assess and marshal our most powerful messages to rectify history, awaken a critical mass, and effectively expose the accelerating corporate coup d’état.

VISION Truth movements that arise after pivotal events like electoral fraud, 9/11, key assassinations, false flag ops and casus belli fabrications can/should become more than forensic inquiries into a single heinous crime. They can also strive to expose wider patterns of illicit control, deception and propaganda, and use their revelations to rouse entire societies to reject a malignant status quo.

Consequently, this is not a media conference to dissect or condemn the conglomerates, demand reforms, or even celebrate the increasing vigor of independent journalism. It is intended as a strategy session for already active and influential players to coordinate their most revealing messages, forge tactical alliances, innovate new distribution technologies, and mutually enhance each others’ strongest work.


November 5

Rally For James Zadroga - 1PM At City Hall In Manhattan

Friends, supporters, board members. Our friend Joe Zadroga has asked us for support on Monday at 1:00pm at City Hall. He has a meeting scheduled with Mayor Bloomberg. The mayor has insulted the Zadroga family and all 9/11 responders for way too long. I implore you all to spread the word of a peaceful rally to show the city, the mayor, the federal government, that James Zadroga was a hero, and there are thousands of NYPD, FDNY, EMT, EMS and construction workers just like him. Tell your friends post it on your web sites, and wear RED on MONDAY. Lets show unity, compassion, and let City Hall know the HEROES OF 9/11 WILL NOT SIT IDLE ANYMORE.


September 11

General Strike 9/11/07

A General Strike has been called for this 9/11. No work. No school. Hit the streets!


August 10

World Can’t Wait Orange Fridays - Union Square 5:30pm

“This Friday we will gather at 5:30 pm in the South End of Union Square wearing orange, getting out “Drive Out the Bush Regime” bandanas, and spreading to more and more people a movement of visible mass resistance to the Bush regime and its agenda.”

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