This website is the creation of a small group of individuals based in New York City. We do not claim to be the “official Truth Movement site” or to speak authoritatively for anyone else. The site is our vision for what a Truth Movement could look like.

We hope to inspire others to make their own sites and start their own Truth Movements. While we are happy to participate and act as leaders, the wider Truth Movement cannot be owned or controlled by any individual or group.



  1. NYC 9/11 Truth March 9/11/05

  2. Species Alliance


  • The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin This book played an important role in opening our minds, but not all the claims in it are supported by solid evidence and the author has gone on to promote some questionable theories.


We have always been analytical and fiercely individual—always on the lookout for forces trying to tell us how to think or what to care about. A dedication to true (not just fashionable) nonconformity has given us a particularly independent perspective on the larger culture.

9/11 was a defining event in our development. Our inspiration for TruthMove came directly from our experience with 9/11 Truth. Becoming familiar with the massive body of evidence pointing to government complicity was accompanied by a very intense psychological experience—a true awakening or paradigm shift. We were also exposed and had our minds opened to other areas of deception and new avenues of research.

We came to see 9/11 in a much larger context—one in which the overarching concerns are structural, environmental, and psychological. This path led to a realization that we must do something with our new knowledge and perspective. We became involved in truth-spreading activities both individually and in conjunction with local 9/11 Truth groups, but always felt there was something missing.

All of our experience has led us here. This was the most complete vision we could imagine for spreading truth and helping to create a powerful movement for change.