Education is an action in itself—both educating oneself and striving to educate others. But we must distinguish between true education and institutional education.

Traditional Western “education” does not involve much questioning or thinking for oneself. Most of it would be better termed “conditioning” or “programming.”

Students are imbibed with facts, knowledge, attitudes, and values that are meant to make them successful or functional within the existing system. Citizens or subjects are essentially just another product of the industrial economy.

TruthMove promotes what we see as “true education.” This is a process in which knowledge and ideas become “real” to the learner. Concepts are no longer disassociated from the self, they actually come to truly “mean” something. There is a sense of connection, personal investment, and importance.

True education entails a choice. It cannot be imposed or imparted without the participation and engagement of the subject.

We feel that this is the only way to foster true consciousness and compassion. The key is for the individual to take in information, process it, make their own connections and logical conclusions, and place what they have learned in the proper context in their own brain. Put more simply, people must think for themselves.

Much of our modern experience is mediated. This means that we are not truly experiencing or seeing. Rather, there is a disconnect, a screen or veil, an externally imposed categorization between us and what we should be experiencing directly, personally.

We see this distance as the major obstacle to real education. Truthmove specifically intends to pierce this boundary of disassociation and impersonality by introducing doubt and curiousity. By exposing people to information that contradicts some of their most basic assumptions, we hope to shake them into questioning and thinking for themselves.

Truth movers should understand the importance of “true education” in educating ourselves and trying to educate others.