Informed Citizenship

Insight is the heart of the Truth Movement. In this section, we intend to provide the most accessible, concise guide to vital information, facts, and perspectives that have been suppressed by the government and mainstream media.

We have made a concerted effort to summarize evidence and information. We do not try to hide what we think are the implications of the facts and evidence. This is done in the interest of popularizing information that can be quite obscure and dry.

There is no substitute for thinking for oneself. We hope our readers will be intrigued and agitated to follow the trail of evidence through the Resources section in the right side bar.

Through an examination of this evidence and a rational process of thought and deduction, one can begin to deconstruct conditioned reality and see many myths and falsehoods for what they are.

The Insight section explores the hard facts and details of the systematic manipulation and subjugation of the general populace. This information lays bare the destructive and bankrupt nature of the current social and economic order.

We focus on what we see as the most blatant and important lies and deceptions—the ones that are well documented, shocking, and most likely to make people start questioning and demanding change.

9/11 Truth—questioning the official story and becoming aware of alternative research—is what catalyzed us to start thinking about a more general “Truth Movement.” 9/11 Truth can be seen as an initial lens through which one can begin to discern the pattern of official deception. However, we do recognize that the idea of government complicity in 9/11 may be an immediate turn off to many people and we no longer see it as the central pillar of our movement. What is most important to realize is that reality is not what we have been told. Questioning and thinking for ourselves will lead us to a more accurate alternative paradigm.

Questioning assumptions and motivations is key to the process of insight. It is an external process in which one becomes aware of new information or perspectives. But also an internal one, by which these new ideas are considered, understood, and integrated into one’s consciousness.

There is no way to have insight without also questioning oneself, considering wider implications, and making one’s own connections and deductions.

We are suspicious of any group or individual who seeks to deceive, obscure or hoard knowledge and information. Secrecy and exclusivity are the enemies of equality and justice.

This is uncharted territory, it is difficult to know who to trust. We suggest that our readers be on the lookout for websites, groups, and leaders who tell them WHAT TO THINK instead of informing them of facts and encouraging them to think and decide for themselves.