JFKJohn F. Kennedy Assassinated November 22, 1963

Highly credible evidence and independent research show that elements of the CIA and other organized, institutional forces were involved in the killing of JFK.

The major media’s refusal to research or report evidence contradicting the official lone-gunman story is indicative of an even larger, structural conspiracy of denial and cover-up.

One of most widely studied, controversial events in US history, the JFK assassination was a true turning point. The voluminous research on this subject can be a bit overwhelming. While “JFK-nuts” may get caught up in some very arcane tidbits of evidence, there are some simple facts that entirely discredit the offical governmental story of what happened.

Kennedy had concrete plans to disengage from Vietnam and to limit the powers of the CIA. The prospect of such reforms made him a dangerous enemy to many forces within the government and military industrial complex.

The JFK assassination can be seen as coup-d’etat and a warning to all citizens and politicians who would dare to challenge the status quo. The fact that powerful forces within the government were able pull off such a crime and pass off such a flimsy cover story says a lot about the state of our “democracy.”

Even more significantly, the complicity of the American media and their refusal to question or pursue the truth show that we do not have a free press or any significant oversight by the people over the government.

The idea that institutional forces—government agencies, politicians, business interests—could explode the head of a popular young president in broad daylight, and get away with it, says a lot about the reach of their power and the scope of the conspiracy.

JFK is sort of a psychological crossroads. As with many of the topics on TruthMove, you can often see a clear divide between the people who are willing to consider that JFK was killed by establishment forces and those who refuse to or simply cannot consider that possibility.

Many mainstream left-wingers (Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, etc.) have never been willing to take this leap. Perhaps this is because the implications are so stark and the “conspiratorial” position challenges many well-conditioned attitudes about the benevolence of our government and other humans in general. It truly does strike at an illusion of American idealism that many people have absorbed deep into their consciousness.

In many ways the JFK assassination is a sociological and psychological milestone. While evidence—film, audio, testimony, documentation—clearly points to the involvement of US intelligence, the “official story” of lone gunman Oswald has perservered in the media and “mainstream reality” as the “truth.”


  • Oswald had contacts with the CIA and FBI before the assassination. He was seen by witnesses with Clay Shaw, David Ferrie, and Guy Banister—all with proven intelligence connections. There is compelling evidence that Oswald himself was a government agent. Oswald had a “201 File” at the CIA going back to 1960. 4

  • According to the official “magic bullet theory,” a single bullet pierced Kennedy’s back, moved upward to exit through his neck, then proceeded to pierce Governor Connally’s back who was sitting in the front seat. This same bullet is then supposed to have shattered Connally’s fifth rib, caused compound fractures in his wrist, and hit him in the left knee area. The Warren Commission also claims that an almost pristine bullet found on the President’s stretcher was this “magic bullet.” This convoluted theory was necessary to limit the number of bullets to 3, which was the maximum Oswald’s rifle could fire in the specified time interval. 5

  • J. Edgar Hoover: “The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.” see (original document)

  • Many witnesses, reporters, and others connected to the Kennedy assassination have turned up dead under mysterious circumstances (take a look at this).

  • In sworn testimony, witnesses claim that they observed someone other than Oswald, claiming to be Oswald, “calling attention to himself with odd behavior-trying to defect to Cuba in Mexico City, firing at another person’s target at a firing range, test-driving a used car at dangerous speeds, asking a potential employer if the building had a good view of downtown Dallas, even threatening to kill President Kennedy.” 4

  • It seems clear that Oswald was part of a “fake defector” double agent program in which the US was planting spies and assets into communist countries and organizations. His association with the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee,” visits to the Soviet Union, and other communist “links” appear to be the calculated groundwork to establish him as the radical left wing assassin. Oswald was smoothly readmitted to the US after offering US military secrets to the Soviet Union (he was likely trying to plant himself as a double agent).