OptimismPositivity, Hope, Purpose

The foundation of all mental illness is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering. - CG Jung

The information we are promoting is decidedly not pleasant or reassuring. Much of it can be shocking, frightening, and depressing.

There may seem to be no justification for hope or optimism when faced with fanatical authoritarian leadership, environmental catastrophe, and a brainwashing corporate-controlled media. We live in a world that definitely seems to be getting worse rather than better.

But there is a way by which facing these daunting realities we can reach new levels of clarity, optimism, and purpose. We know—we’ve been through it personally. By coming to understand the nature of our predicament, no matter how dire, we have taken the first step towards doing something about it.

Action—facing and addressing issues and adversities rather than running way from them—is the heart of optimism. You will notice that many people involved in bringing about social progress have a sense of authentic positivity and hope. While it is certainly not easy to go against the destructive “values” and myths of one’s society, it is, historically and morally, the right thing to do.

It is those who live in avoidance and blind subservience to authority who are truly hopeless. No matter how confident, “normal,” and “happy” they appear, these people live in ignorance—exchanging their free will for false security.

As part of the Truth Movement, we choose a different path. We do not put our physical or psychological comfort over facing reality. We seek a full understanding of our world so that we can affect change in an informed, rational manner.



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Human civilization has evolved to a point at which the fight or flight instincts will no longer save us. We must commit to a sober, rational analysis of what we’ve gotten ourselves into. We must become conscious in the true sense—by seeing our connection to everything around us, learning to think for ourselves, and realizing who we really are.

As you may have noticed, this site is not written in a tone of defeatism. We are not just giving up and heading for the hills to save ourselves. No matter what struggles lay ahead, we feel that the values outlined here must and will survive. The human spark of love and consciousness will survive the wars and catastrophes of the future and will continue to inspire social values of equality, justice, and democracy.

The ruling classes—the controllers, planners and shapers of society—are not solely to blame. We are one species and one planet. Whatever we do to ourselves and our planet will be our fate—and all of us are personally responsible.

Facing unpleasant truths can result in overwhelming feelings of negativity and despair, but such is the path of enlightenment and true positivity. Depression often comes from a feeling of powerlessness. It can also be a natural reaction to loss (of people, illusions, things) or shock. The Truth Movement is a movement of empowerment. By facing the worst, we hold the power to create the better.

There is a sinister social dynamic related to political consciousness, awakening, and optimism. This is the reinforcing of negativity and hopelessness by those who choose avoidance rather than awareness and action. Very much related to the topic of alienation, those who are “unwilling to experience the legitimate suffering” of facing unpleasant realities, tend to marginalize and belittle those who are making an effort. They don’t like our message, they say we are negative, or obsessive or egotistical. They don’t like questioning their world or themselves. So they attack us.

We must not be swayed by such destructive, self-hating, weak people. Our optimism and purpose threaten them. We must be resolute, and at the same time, retain sympathy for other’s viewpoints and circumstances.

In trying we do not fail. Hopelessness; not trying, is the path of failure. Progress is a process; utopia is not reality. If the goal seems unattainable to you, or if you don’t see the point in trying, you have lost sight of the moment and the possibilities. If you refuse to try and discourage others who do, you have lost. We have not.