Promotion is the act of exposing unfamiliar people to a summarized concept in the interest of inciting their curiosity and desire to learn more.

While in conversation we are able to seek mutual understanding, in promoting a concept we attempt only to seek the most potent general summaries, bring them to a medium, and distribute them as widely as possible, with reference to further information.

Once you have begun to educate yourself, and done your best to share what you have learned with your friends and family, you may wonder what more you can do. Respecting the truth engages us in many levels of our personal and social responsibility. Once you know the truth, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep it to yourself.

There are dozens of ways to share with a wider audience. Focus on getting people’s attention and leading them to the facts. Create a contrast or dissonance between their knowledge and specific facts that their own minds will seek to resolve. Create seeds that you can plant in the minds of those not seeking growth, always providing the path to more. Promote and inspire promoters.

Possibly the most important thing that we can do right now, as individuals, is to make the most important social decisions in history with the best information possible. The individual voices of people who care about fact matter a great deal. Be heard!


  • Flyer – Compose one-page or double-sided flyers summarizing your deepest social concerns, and give them to friends, post them to bulletin boards, and hand them to strangers.
  • Sticker – Create a bold statement that will get people’s attention, and lead them to the facts. Have stickers printed and have friends put them up in their homes and businesses. Put the stickers in specific places where many people are likely to see them. Put them high, out of reach, or low at people’s feet. Put them in the middle of papers at a newsstand. Hand them to strangers. Scatter them randomly.
  • Audio/Video – Create audio and video productions that present facts in a manner that will be easily absorbed by a general audience. Too many people are illiterate, or simply don’t get their information from the printed word. Produce movies, documentaries, commercials, radio shows, or music, with the intent to convey your social concerns in a manner that will be understood across economic and ethnic lines. Distribute CDs and DVDs as you would flyers.
  • Letters – Write letters to your representatives, government appointees, CEO’s, and celebrities, simply expressing as clearly as possible the facts and the significance of your social concerns.
  • Mailboxes – Distribute card stock flyers to mailboxes and under doors in whole neighborhoods.
  • Banner – Create a large two-person banner, and carry it around a specific block for a while. Hold it over a specific doorway until you are told to move. Stand on the corner of a busy intersection during rush hour. Take it to the mall.
  • March – Two or more people walk with signs, banners, and hopefully cardboard megaphones, intending to bring a message to a specific locale and its population. As long the group obeys traffic laws, doesn’t clog the sidewalk, and doesn’t stop moving, most cities have no statute other than disturbing the peace or maybe creating a traffic hazard with which to penalize you. If thirty people stand in front of a building, the crowd will likely be dispersed. If those thirty people march in single file around that same block, there is little the authorities can do.
  • Disobedience – Organize a sit-in. Lock yourself to something. Decide to get arrested. But make sure some media organization is going to cover it, and then make sure your message is stuck to your forehead. Disobedience is so readily recast by the mainstream as mania rather than rationality. The only reason to get arrested is to force coverage of an issue being hidden or ignored.
  • Website – Create a website expressing your social concerns, and providing links to all that supports your perspective. This is becoming easier every day, and its free.
  • Organization – Create an organization meant to promote your social concerns by bringing together those who share your core values, understanding, and promotional interests.