Democratic Rationality

Our philosophy is that any realization of the ideals of democracy and equality must stem from equal access to knowledge, facts and ideas. Most basic to this process is the need to maintain the integrity of the “news” and “history” which are widely proliferated and accepted among the populace.

Information disparities make societies undemocratic; they allow one group to deceive and manipulate another. A truly open and free society must be dedicated to making important information available to all people. Truth is the foundation upon which a just society must be built.



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  3. On Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau

Information should not simply be “provided” or “disseminated” by an exclusive elite group to the wider public. Instead, knowledge should come from the people themselves and remain in the process of critique, analysis and refinement among the people. Institutions and media which accurately reflect this process and the consensus of informed debate should be trusted and rewarded. Those who do not should not survive. Welcome to the marketplace of truth!

It is our belief that, historically, humans naturally developed moral and social values and learned to think for themselves through a process of struggle and self-determination. Modern society, in its general form, actually serves to thwart this development and instead points individuals towards self-defeating and perverted values through a blind acceptance of authority.

Modern consumer society fosters dependence on the system and its appointed authorities. It also makes false promises of happiness if you only follow the rules. Despite all the claims of democracy and equality, Western Civilization has continued to be ruled by an overclass which dictates the thoughts, values, and “freedoms” of the masses.

The Truth Movement should be strategic and persistent—constantly re-evaluating priorities and seeking the most efficient approach.

The Truth Movement is a movement of empowerment. It says we can reclaim our reality, we can know things in a meaningful way, we can understand, and we can change things for the better.