Donations to help fund:

  • Hosting for our website
  • Stickers
  • Outreach/street action flyers
  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Video equipment

Planned future projects:

  • New flyers and posters focusing on the environment, resource depletion, and civil rights
  • TruthMove book (containing edited content from this website)
  • TruthMove video compilation


Since our inception in May 2006, TruthMove has been completely funded and maintained by a small team of activists. We are just a few ordinary citizens who are committed to promoting underreported information and social responsibility.

We’ve sought to use our modest resources as efficiently as possible—focusing on responsible and aesthetically-conscious design and activism. In our first year of operation, our monetary costs (mostly from promotional materials such as flyers, stickers, and dvds) only amounted to about $4000.

Overall, TruthMove has only been possible because our few members have contributed countless hours of skilled work in planning, research, design, and activism. In addition to holding down regular jobs, we often spend 30-40 hours a week with TruthMove.

We have accomplished much in our first year: a completely redesigned website, weekly community outreach, lectures, videos, and endorsements from some of the most respected voices in the 9/11 truth movement (,,

But on top of all this, we aim to expand our project greatly in the near future—hopefully with your help and participation. As always, we are seeking new allies and partners for outreach, and we appreciate all your questions and suggestions. See our Forum to join the conversation.

If you do have any extra money to contribute to the project it will be used efficiently and it will be a great encouragement for us to continue to forge ahead. If you have a specific suggestion as to how the money might be used, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss it. TruthMove aims to become one of the most effective, streamlined groups working for progressive values and truth. We hope that time and money invested in TruthMove will show a maximum return, in terms of increasing public awareness and positive change in our world.