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Peak Oil awareness at Climate Change Summit (1 post)

  1. chrisc

    Jeremy Leggett writing in today's Guardian:

    At Poznan, no one is listening

    At the world climate change summit, few delegates paid attention to the tale of oil's inevitable demise


    One of my missions was an effort to raise the peak oil issue. I suspect that most of the 9,000-plus attendees – diplomats, lobbyists and journalists – may have little idea how strong the evidence is that a global energy crisis lurks just a few years in the future, and that it will have massive implications for climate change policymaking.


    Afterwards, an IEA official came up to me to offer words of encouragement. "There's a real risk that this thing could collapse," he said. He meant the operating model for the world's energy markets. Where financial markets can go today, in other words, so can energy markets tomorrow.

    Posted 9 years ago #


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