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New Alex Jones film: "The Obama Deception" - Junk propaganda featuring Tarpley (36 posts)

  1. JohnA

    the economy is one area i disagree with Obama's approach.

    i really don't think the stimulus package is going to save the international banking system. at best it will slow down the economic death spiral - and at worst it will destroy the value of US currency - and we all know where that could lead.

    do i know what to do? no. we are in the middle of the north-atlantic and we just hit an iceberg. there is an inevitability built into this situation that i feel the stimulus package fails to address.

    maybe Obama should be embracing the inevitable and prepare for the massive programs that are going to be needed to keep food and shelter available to the millions of people who are going to be underwater soon. it is my opinion that Obama should be preparing legislation to protect the public from the mass evictions and homelessness that can and will result from this collapse.

    no HOOVERVILLES this time!

    no homeless families living in subways this time!

    if we MUST endure a total collapse of our economy - food and shelter should be considered a basic human right - priority #1 - and welfare programs should be initiated to register people and provide them with food stamps and rent/mortage stamps.

    i have ZERO confidence that continued bank bailouts and corporate welfare will protect americans who have lost their jobs and cannot make their rent or mortgage payments. ZERO confidence. if we MUST provide welfare - provide it to society's most vulnerable - until some of this gets sorted out.

    that should be priority #1.

    in a sense we are STILL being fed trickle down economics as a solution. give the money to the banks and corporations and local municipalities to initiate public works projects - and pray it gets into the hands of the public in the form of jobs.

    i do not have enough faith in our society - usch as it is - that the money will be used wisely or honestly.

    put the money into the hands of people who are faced with unemployment and evictions - and allow them to continue to feed that money into the system by making their mortgage payments and groceries and tuition.

    fix the economy from the bottom up - not the top down. keep people in their homes. priority #1.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. truthmover

    Good to see this conversation getting back on track. Let's move the general Obama commentary over to the "Obama's first 100 days" thread. This thread is specifically about AJ's new movie and things similar.

    I had what I seems to me to be an important thought which will get this thread back on track.

    I was having a conversation with a friend of mine this morning that really hit home. First off, let me say that I fully accept that I benefit greatly from this system at the expense of others. I try to give something back in an possibly vain attempt to balance things out.

    But I am American. My comfort is American. My opportunities are American. My impact on the rest of the world is American. And people with a lot less than I also benefit from this corrupt system. We see relative differences in how much people benefit. But most everyone here, even the homeless, have more opportunity and resources that most in the third world. And those opportunities and resources come at someone else's expense.

    None of us are free of guilt.

    So now let's consider those who are so adamantly ridiculing Obama during his first week in office. I'm hearing a lot of it, and I'm beginning to think many of those people don't want to own their privilege. Obama is the President of the United States. According to many of his critics he has not strayed very far from the basic motive of unsustainable growth and wealth for the few at the expense of the many that has long underpinned this system.

    Given that premise, which I don't greatly dispute, do those critical of Obama really think that they are independent of the system to such a degree that they are not also guilty in some way.

    In other words, if Obama is Hitler, as some have very inappropriately suggested, aren't we all just a little bit as well. I say yes. I own it. I'm not trying to hide from my guilt behind a mask of self-righteous indignation. I'm not trying to bury my own privilege so that I can feel oppressed by someone, and the system behind him, who act to protect and extend that privilege.

    If you hate Obama, you are in some way hating yourself. And the same could be said for Bush. I have great resentment for Bush, and I do think there is a great different between he and Obama. But hating Bush is also hating a part of myself.

    If you are American, you can't condemn our government while taking advantange of all the comforts it provides you. Well, you can, but I think it's important to keep your own participation in mind while you do.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. Victronix

    maybe Obama should be embracing the inevitable and prepare for the massive programs that are going to be needed to keep food and shelter available to the millions of people who are going to be underwater soon. it is my opinion that Obama should be preparing legislation to protect the public from the mass evictions and homelessness that can and will result from this collapse.

    Yes, come to think of it, that seems key. Under Bush, poor people would be treated like terrorists. Under Obama, I tend to think that even if no real support was given, at least people wouldn't be terrorized when they are down.

    We had an interesting thing here in Oakland recently when a BART (train system) cop shot an unarmed man and the march that followed turned aggressive, with police cars lit on fire and local stores trashed (not chains), and in the middle of that ruckus, when the cops brought in what looked like a tank to some, the mayor -- Dellums, probably very similar to Obama in many ways -- walked out into all that and risked his life, telling the police to take it away and talking directly to the people on the streets to try to calm things down. I don't think things escalated any further, but it was fascinating to read about (not in the newspapers, but in first person accounts on indybay).

    Dellums is not doing anything significantly different in terms of what Dem mayors do in Oakland as a city, and he never will. But he showed that night that he doesn't do the things that could have made things much worse. And as stupid as it was in so many ways, he did sacrifice himself for the sake of bringing calm to the city -- when things were falling apart, he quietly went to work in a compassionate, not militaristic way.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. Victronix

    In other words, if Obama is Hitler, as some have very inappropriately suggested, aren't we all just a little bit as well.

    Indeedy. That's what being Amurican is all about . . .

    Posted 8 years ago #
  5. JohnA

    the analogy of 'the good german' seem apropos here. when good people choose to remain silent and do nothing in the face of great social injustices...etc etc etc

    but - lets look at this for a minute.

    lets assume that the image of Hitler is being invoked to represent absolute evil. from our frame of reference his history represents the worst example of social injustice that we can draw from history. to many he represents an absolute. he is a symbol.

    of course there are degrees of evil. there is no such thing as 'absolute' evil. But - how do we measure such things? how do we measure moral relativism?

    Was Hitler more evil than the foot soldiers in the Congo who machete men, women and children to death?

    Is Hitler more evil than Pol Pot, simply because he claimed more victims?

    Are we all little Hitlers simply because we live out our lives born into privilage?

    where does the moral relativism end?

    at one point do we become political equivalent of religious fundamentalists claiming 'original sin' - the mark of Caine - condemning us all to hell?

    at what point do we become like Ward Churchill - calling the victims of 9/11 "little Eichmans"???

    are we all equally guilty? Does Obama = Hitler = You = Me?

    Doesn't this all descend into a debate about epistemology?

    well. the answer is that OF COURSE not all things are equal. there is good and evil in everyone. best intentions - and bad intentions. generosity and selfishness. evil borne of stupidity and ignorance - and evil borne of greed and malice and hate.

    there are no simple answers.

    but - i can tell you one thing: when people choose to invoke absolutes - using the image of Hitler - it is a cavalier form of defacement – adolescent political graffiti - juvenile posturing – an immature form of ‘absolutism’ that says more about the person using these images than it does about the issues at hand.

    Comparing someone to Hitler is no less inane than comparing someone to Satan himself - or calling someone evil incarnate.

    These comparisons lack perspective - seek to shock - and simply paint over the issues with the very darkest shades of black - with a very wide brush – paying little or no attention to the details themselves.

    it lowers the dialogue to its lowest base level - and obliterates any allusions of objectivity.

    The Obama Cult?

    i would suggest that comparing Obama to Hitler represents a cult of sorts as well. it deals in absolutes that, in the real world, simply do not exist.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  6. truthmover

    The official website with high resolution eight minute trailer.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  7. truthmover

    AJ get's pwned over on 911Blogger:

    Yeah Alex Jones is great.

    I loved his response when I caught him adding text to a Reuters article about the Federal Reserve and attributing it to the original author. I commented on it, was immediately banned from commenting permanently, and have never to this day received a response from AJ.

    I love how even though Alex obviously knows that the threat we face today in America is fascism, because sometimes he tells the truth and refers to it as such, that he still has the gall to paint it as socialism half the time for his ignorant right wing fanboys still fighting the cold war. Socialism is the idealogical nemesis of fascism, dummies.

    I like the whole "it's not right or left, it's right or wrong" rhetoric that he wears to appear non-partisan, while all the time trying to funnel dissidents into the Republican party as Ron Paul supporters. I mean, he gave such strong support for Cynthia McKinney's presidential campaign, not.

    I love how he professes Wall Street to be his enemy, yet cheerleaders for free market capitalism and denounces socialism, the economic system that would strip Wall Street of all it's power and return the power to the people. If he hates these usurious bankers and war profiters so bad, why does he have a problem with the people seizing the assets that were stolen from them in the first place and redistributing the wealth back to the masses that generated it with their labor.

    I love how he changed the website back in 2006 to include the comment sections for articles. Nothing helps our cause as much as the ranting comments of various alphabet agency provocateurs, verse quoting bible thumpers and various other actual nutcases. What better way to discredit your presentation of the news than to have the articles associated by proximity with the retarded rantings of the people that post comments at infowars? Oh wait, I have an idea. How about you devote as much space to advertising as you do to news content to make yourself look like a money grubbing whore.

    But I guess if you present enough news from credible sources like Global Research, Project Censored, Greg Palast, Black Box, Dahr Jamail or 911blogger then you can get away with getting people to read the occasional good story by Steve Watson, crap by Kurt Nimmo, or xenophobic news reports intended to alienate us from our latino brothers and sisters. It's funny. I bet the global elites would be really mad if the American masses had solidarity with central and south Americans, because then we might actually pick up their proven methods for fighting back against our oppressors.

    Alex Jones is a tool of limited hangout. Be mad at the bankers. Be mad at Halliburton and Dynecorp. He's there to direct your attention on the symptoms. While with the next breath defending the disease. Greed, power, usury, mass murder, lies, election fraud, eugenics. All these crimes perpetrated by the mighty. He'd have you hate the players, not the game. Capitalism is a system designed to enable the haves to subjugate the have-nots. The real enemy is the clock and the referee.

    You can't fool all the people all of the time, but if you fool the right ones then the rest will fall in line.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  8. JennySparks

    Ever wonder if there are lurkers so desperate for attention they're mining 5 month old posts for material?

    This should give them something to do:


    Posted 8 years ago #
  9. JohnA

    i hate to admit this but i have not visited or posted on 911Blogger in a veeeery very very long time.

    its funny because all of the people i found the most offensive on blogger have since been banned - so i should feel vindicated. but i never regained my appetite.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  10. truthmod

    Never heard of these plastic people. This is your fascist future...

    Speidi gets political: Spencer and Heidi Pratt spout off on 9/11, global warming, birth control


    Publicity-loving couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag spewed some controversial views on Alex Jones’ radio show earlier this week.

    Speidi revealed their takes on 9/11, global warming and President Obama in a Monday appearance on Jones’ “Infowars.”

    The Pratts learned about Jones from a music producer who handed them a copy of the radio host's’ movie, “The Obama Deception.”

    Jones, who is known for his conspiracy theories of “New World Order,” seems to be rubbing off on the Pratts.

    "I really do feel like we took the blue pill or whatever from ‘The Matrix,’” Spencer said.

    To learn more, Speidi turned to the web.

    “We've been nonstop researching the Internet ... for information for at least a month all day every day," said Heidi.

    What did the couple learn? Global warming is a scam.

    "It's mind-boggling trying to say there's global warming right now,” said Spencer.

    He also backs up Jones’ belief that 9/11 was an “inside job.”

    Posted 8 years ago #
  11. truthmod

    The craziest thing you'll ever read

    If you've never seen the MTV reality show "The Hills," well, you're not missing much. Even as a former fan of some of MTV's reality television, I find it impossible to get into the show. The cast is not just dumb and obnoxious; their real sin is that they're just plain boring. But one couple from the show, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, have risen to fame. Now, they're using that celebrity to spread the gospel of radio host, 9/11 Truther and all-around conspiracy nut Alex Jones.

    Posted 8 years ago #


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