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Original WeAreChange "Declaration of NY911Truth" - Jamieson v Rudkowki scrubbed (10 posts)

  1. christs4sale

    The following was recently removed from the We Are Change website. It is a declaration of grievances and a demand for transparency from Les Jamieson regarding NY911Truth group finances that was signed by Luke and posted online March 22, 2007. More or less the official split between Les and Luke that lead to Luke's focus on WeAreChange. Below that is an open letter to Jamieson regarding his lack of response to the concerns expressed in the declaration signed by 42 people.

    A few months ago Sander Hicks facilitated a renewed cooperation between Luke and Les with the intention that all parties pool their human resources for the anniversary event this year. The result is the "Real Change and Transparency Conference" being discussed here:

    Was one part of that negotiation between Les and Luke the removal of this document from the WAC website? A gesture of good will? Whatever the case, the result could have been the loss of a piece of movement history. Fortunately, screen shots and transcripts were collected and can be found below.

    And below that, discussion of the shifting positions of those involved from people with direct experience.

    Declaration of NY911Truth To all:

    I feel extremely reluctant to discuss the current situation with NY 9/11 Truth, but it needs to be addressed if we are going to move forward in this movement. This situation has been extremely divisive, and I hope we can all come to a resolution in a civil and honest manner. It should be known that I’ve tried to deal with this in an private setting, hoping to shield the rest of the movement from this unnecessary drama. However, Les Jamieson has put me in a position where that is no longer possible. It should be also noted that Les Jamieson that over the past few months, the following has occurred:

    1. Les Jamieson with out any reason took me (Luke Rudkowski) off the main NY911Truth list serve, preventing me from emailing the 1,093 members of NY911Truth with updates and announcements related to upcoming events. Les Jamison also publicly stated that I, Luke Rudkowski, have started my own organization, which he sees as a separate entity from NY911Truth. This is false. I started the CHANGE organization in the hopes that it would represent the younger members of NY 9/11 Truth and offer them an outlet they otherwise may not have. Les Jamieson owns 100% of the NY 9/11 Truth web site and the e mail list. In fact all donations to NY911Truth go through Les Jamisons private bank account. It should be noted Les Jamieson was never voted into any positions of power. It should be noted I recently planned a big event to support show support for Rosie O’Donnell. But I wasn’t able to get the word out effectively, because I found myself locked out of the e-mail account. This only hurts the movement.

    2. Les Jamieson has confiscated all funds related to NY911Truth. Les Jamison routed all donations totaling over $5,800 to his private bank account, confiscated DVD duplicators, estimated at about $1,000 and the film projector ,estimated $1,000 which was bought with donations.

    3. Les Jamieson has 100% control of donations that come to us in NY911truth. In the past month he has refused to support activists with flyers and DVDs for the past month (Donations always paid for flyers and DVDs) Less actions left NY911Truth activists at Ground Zero for the past month and last 7 street actions without any supplies. The Tireless activists of NY911Truth have been taking money out their own pockets for materials to distribute. It should be noted Les has not been present at these street actions.

    4. Les Jamieson has made slanderous statements regarding the integrity and allegiance of our hardest working activists and spread rumors that were without merit. His false and slanderous accusations have given this movement a black eye. I will not allow Les Jamison to become judge, jury and executioner in the case against me and other devoted members.

    5. Les Jamieson has refused and ignored any efforts by myself and other members of NY911Truth to deal with this situation. I have left Les about 80 voice messages asking him to resolve this problem. I called for open and democratic NY911Truth meetings. Les chose to ignore them. He has ignored me and any efforts to meet with me. Sander Hicks proposed a conversation with himself as moderator. I immediately approved while Les ignored Sanders plea. It should be noted that Sander Hicks and Kyle Hence have proposed that Les step down. [Emphasis added by Christs4sale]

    6. What Les has done is held private meetings with his personal friends. In these private meetings he has handpicked his friends to establish a so-called steering committee . These people do not represent the organization. It should be noted that while an average of 15 people attend the open meetings, only 4 people attend these private sessions including Les.

    7. NY911Truth recently gave Les Jamieson 1 week to respond to a letter signed by 42 NY911truth activists calling for an open democratic resolution to this conflict. The majority of active NY911Truth members do not support Les Jamieson, Yet Les has refused to acknowledge the majority of NY911Truth members.

    8. And I won’t even get into how Les screwed Tom Foti, one of our most active and dedicated members, out of access to NY911 funds.I feel that actions speak louder than words. I will not stoop to calling Les Jamieson an infiltrator. But I will bring the proper attention to his actions.This needs to be resolved in a way where everyone in the group has a voice. This isn’t a dictatorship. It’s an activist organization that will only prosper through teamwork. Personally, I have nothing to hide and I am not afraid of airingthis situation out in the proper forum.

    Street Actions

    We will continue our street actions every Saturday at ground zero from 1pm to 4pm no matter what, even if we go broke doing it.Every 11th we are dedicating a street action to one of our most beloved members Dan Wallace , as well as all the lives lost on 9/11/01. We will stand up every 11th of each month until the truth of 9/11 comes out. R.I.P Dan Wallace


    For now, as NY911Truth until the financial issues are resolved, if you want to support the actions at ground zero please donate to the youth group of

    DO NOT donate on the webpage since all donations go to Less private bank account. Any money spent by the NY911truth activists at will be accounted for with statements. Les was recently on WBAI radio show and on the Geraldo Rivera TV Show proclaiming himself the leader of the 9/11 truth movement and a tireless activist. His actions of late do not represent that. Rather, they have held the movement back from reaching it’s full potential.

    Consider this a public plea to all leaders and activists in the truth movement who identify Les Jamison as the leader of NY911Truth. He does not have the support of the majority of NY911Truth and thus, no longer represents NY911Truth. NY911Truth does not have an overlord, but a group of people who work together to make things happen.

    If anyone is a friend of Les Jamison, can you please plead with him to do the right thing.

    Les Jamison your actions of late have inevitably fractured the group and all that we have worked to achieve. Whether you are breaking this group up intentionally or not, all that we ask if for you to do the right thing.

    Peace and Respect,Luke -

    Open public letter signed by 42 NY911Truth members, IGNORED by Les Jamison

    On March 7th, 2007, at Au Bon Gout (a Deli), 276 Fifth Avenue at the Corner of 30th Street, a public meeting was held to address the issue of the NY 911 Truth Bank Account, and to formulate a plan through which to resolve the conflicts that are currently plaguing the Movement. By a vote of 17-0, it was voted that Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti should be granted access to and ownership of the group bank account now registered under the name “Civic Action Committee” jointly with its present controllers. You, Les Jamison have not provided funds for flyers or DVDs for the last three street actions at Ground Zero and last street action at Union Square.

    Therefore, there is a need for more people with access to the account so that the regular street actions may continue, where countless people in the city have been exposed to the Truth. Since Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti are the most active members in those actions, and they need money for flyers and DVDs, they need access to the bank account. Due to a previous vote at a public meeting, Tom Foti and Luke Rudkowski were already supposed to be added to the bank account. Les undemocratically disrespected that vote by willingly failing to enforce the decision.It should be noted that you, Les Jamison, were well aware of the meeting on March 7th and did not attend. Les chose not to attend this meeting and make his voice heard and he failed to answer any of Lukes calls or other members’ phone calls regarding his vote or opinion.

    The group agreed that all decisions should be made in a democratic process. Les currently has 100% control of the bank account, website and email list and the group agreed that this should not be. Instead the group decided that 25% of ownership of the bank account should be assigned to Les Jamison, Harvey Newmen, Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti. The money currently in the bank account was raised by the hard work of all NY 911 Truth members and should not be controlled by any single individual who does not provide any documentation as to how the money is utilized.

    Dividing the group is counterproductive and against all that NY 911 Truth stands for. No One person shall make a decision to kick someone out due to personal conflicts, as it stands Luke Rudkowski and Tom Foti are still active members of NY 911 Truth. If any member wishes to dismiss any member we shall do it in a democratic process. We all need to sit down and come to a democratic resolution on these issues in a public open meetings.

    Best Regards,

    Active members of NY911TRUTH

    1. Ryan Rodriguez
    2. Judy Andreas
    3. Dianne Lipson
    4. Tony Martucci
    5. Luke Rudkowski
    6. Dan Burke
    7. Joe Friendly
    8. Cathy Fessel
    9. John Fessel
    10. Gary Talis
    11. Tom Foti
    12. Peggy Cather
    13. Dennis Griggs
    14. Nellie Griggs
    15. Robert Yoro
    16. Jonathon Vreeland
    17. Marsha Shepardson
    18. Sabrina Rivera
    19. Kaitlyn
    20. Brian Kenny
    21. Cassandra Siegler
    22. James Orlando
    23. Amir
    24. Brian
    25. Brendan
    26. Scott Star
    27. Darnekk Louis
    28. Adam Kalmus
    29. Steven Lilianov
    30. Oscar Ayala
    31. Marie Rovmer
    32. John Comyns
    33. John Paul Harkins
    34. Walter Reddy
    35. Dan M Nalven
    36. David Acvevedo
    37. Paul Isac Jr.
    38. Lou Rosenberg
    39. George Plagianios
    40. Manny Badillo
    41. Rob Hulshrt
    42. J.R Guerra

    Screenshots of the "Declaration of NY911Truth" can be found here:

    Screenshots of the "Open Letter" can be found here.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  2. truthmover

    These concerns are more familiar to the members of TruthMove than they may be to others as we have worked with or met all the key players and been through the ringer with Les before. It was a very similar conflict, more about transparency in general, that motivated Max and I to start TruthMove. On a humorous note, figuring out what not to do by dealing with Les Jamieson appears to have benefited the movement a great deal, assuming you are a fan of WAC. One difference. We learned not to trust Les while Luke and Sander appear conflicted.

    As is revealed in the links above, there is now a conflict between Luke and other WAC folks about a very similar grievance. This time those concerned contend that it is Luke who is now doing very much what Luke accused Les of having done in the past.

    Based on my experience with Les I would say that the assertions Luke makes about Les in the documents above seem very likely to be true. They express a very familiar picture of how Les manages NY911Truth with only the most minimal nod to democratic process. He does not support transparency, accountability, and he's simply not honest.

    In contrast, I can not attest to the validity of the claims made about Luke in this more recent dispute. And as they seem so out of step with his past behavior as represented by the Declaration I'm less inclined to simply assume that everyone is speaking the truth.

    But then with Les and Luke working together again, I'm a bit confused by the whole thing. Is it possible that Luke removed those documents because he no longer wants those standards applied to him? It's not like Les every really accounted for his actions back in the day. I doubt Luke got any kind of real apology and he would have no reason to apologize beyond making good. The distrust was real and not simple.

    Also, it appears as though Hicks has waffled back and forth between being critical of Les and clearly supporting him. He seems to have had some similar role in the first conflict in which he indicated that Les should step aside if he were not willing to compromise. Les did not compromise and Hicks' didn't really get any more involved. The result was a number of people leaving NY911Truth to start the short lived nyc911truth, and also join WAC.

    Now we have at least some measure of unity again. Not that Les and Luke are enjoying the tight quarters. But the result is that these three people, who have many reasons not to trust one another, are working together on an event that features what I consider to be disinformation.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  3. JohnA

    it was my opinion then - and it is my opinion now - that what we have seen and continue to see is just shadow boxing.

    back when the Les/Luke conflict was raging - and Luke was sending out emails accusing Les of theft - and the two of them were supposedly extremely angry with each other - there was a non-9/11 Truth event in Union Square in NYC with Cindy Sheehan scheduled to speak. i stopped by just to see what sort of crowd she would attract, and noticed that Les and Luke were there, standing together and chatting, handing out flyers.

    could mean nothing. but given the shrill nature of the cross-accusations going on between those two - it was odd to see them together chatting casually and handing out flyers.

    and - when you roll the clock back even further and Les was accused (and admitted to) handing out the magazine "Criminal Politics" at 9/11 Truth events (an extremely anti-semitic magazine) - Luke was Les' chief defender. i remember wondering HOW could someone POSSIBLY not understand the serious nature of what Les was doing!!?? i mean - REALLY! the magazine was mind-bogglingly bad.

    Luke went from being Les' chief defender - to his accuser - to now his rehabilitator and collaborator.

    strange that.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  4. truthmod

    Our most heinous falsehood

    Background on Criminal Politics:

    2006 email from Luke defending Les' distribution of hate literature:

    As an FYI, here is a group statement giving the position of a majority of participants in the work of NY911Truth in response to your public attack against Les Jamieson and effectively, all of NY911Truth.


    We, the undersigned, are responding to a scurrilous email from Nick Levis, John Albanese, Max and Julian. We want to make it clear that they have no standing or authority to issue an ultimatum demanding that Les Jamieson remove himself from the NY911Truth organization.

    Their most heinous falsehood was that Les Jamieson participated in the distribution of hate literature.

    To address the first of these specious accusations, it is important to note that these four people had stopped actively participating in planning meetings or outreach actions of the organization at the end of 2005. Nick even told Les and another party that he had resigned. In spite of this declaration, Nick continued to exert influence on scheduling of weekly film events without objection from Les or any other members, because of the spirit of inclusion the group tried to maintain even though Nick, in particular, was often abrasive, divisive and negative in his approach to the group's activities. We feel that Nick’s rigid position over research,and contentious manner had alienated members rather than served them. We work hard to verify our information and shouldn’t have been dismissed and disrespected as if our research is invalid, which has been the rule rather than the exception with Nick and the others.

    Eventually Nick became so controlling of the organization's schedule, without collaborating with anyone from NY911Truth. He even defied the request of Frank Morales, our host at the church, that we not print any schedules without consulting with him first. Nick printed a schedule containing dates from June all the way into September, completely of his own design. At the end of the Ralph Schoenman event on Apr. 23rd, Nick entered the room and went to the front table where Ralph stood to command attention with this schedule while the event was in process was considered a brazen intrusion by all of us there. This schedule mostly promoted his own web site, Also, a media panel event which Les was planning was suddenly omitted. It was clear that all of this was to “hijack” the 9/11 Info Resource Series, which Nick even renamed, without consulting anyone. Our position is why should, which is a recognized and highly active organization, lose the venue and audience it has developed over many months of work just because one person will not work within the group? Now the overwhelming majority of our membership feels that this situation is unfair and unworkable. When Nick deceptively arranged to take the full collection the evening Mike Berger debuted his film, another layer of mistrust was the result. We no longer want his participatation in our event organizing.

    But it is in their misleading, manipulative handling of an issue of Criminal Politics Magazine, which Les included on the book table with other 9/11 materials on a busy night at St. Marks Church because it featured David Ray Griffin on the cover and a supportive article inside, as well as other articles a 9/11 audience would find of interest. Regarding the articles that were used to create a controversy and falsely accuse Les of being anti-Semitic, nobody else had complained and all in all, the magazine was viewed by others in the group as an anti-conspiracy, anti-new world order publication.

    So unfounded is the accusation, it's almost laughable. But the damage this did to Les personally is immeasurable, as well as the equally devastating harm it caused all 9/11 Truth Seekers. Les has been instrumental in building the movement here in NYC which attracted some of the most broad, impressive journalistic coverage we’ve been fortunate enough to receive. And it is the absence of coverage within the media that generates the existence of movements such as ours - to inform a public that has been kept totally in the dark about the facts of 9/11. The idea that any journalist, such as the writer covering us in the Village Voice, might have been responsible for that issue of the paper's other editorial content or voluminous sexually oriented classified and display ads could certainly discourage any other writer covering our issues.

    For selfish reasons Nick, Max, Julian and John have temporarily derailed our energetic truth seeking engine, and it is obvious their goal was to put us out of business altogether, possibly so they could control and limit important information as we feel they have tried to do in the past. Now that Nick has publicly broadcast a statement over this, which is potentially damaging to the movement as a whole, we must question his real intentions. Why would he do something which should have been resolved through personal interaction? By all appearances, there is an agenda to undermine the organization by undermining the person who has worked and sacrificed tirelessly on its behalf and has been at the forefront of its progress. The night of Apr. 23rd when the magazine was on the merchandise table, Julian was seen with several in his hand and there was evidence he was stirring up controversy right there. The next morning is when St. Marks Church was contacted and complaints were registered. By all indications, this was all calculated.

    It is widely known that Les would never deliberately do what Nick has charged him of doing, distributing hate literature. We also do not appreciate Julian and Max coming to our East Coast 9/11 Truth Summit a week later to stand outside and stir up controversy with our guests. We don’t appreciate Max yelling profanity in public as he did at the premier of UA93. This is the style of agitators and infiltrators. Nick and the others have persistently been driving a political wedge between our communal efforts, and we can afford it no longer.

    It has been over four years since a vicious attack was perpetrated upon our country, and we have not received the proper answers as to how this took place. As time wastes away, year after year, without answers to these obvious, lurking questions, we cannot have people such as these four attempting to sabotage our efforts, in a project so worthy and so necessary to the peace of mind of the victims' families and our society at large. We will move forward and want all to know that Les Jamieson's devotion to the cause and leadership is highly valued and supported by the overwhelming majority as you'll see below.


    Cathie Bell Sherry Bender Charlie Betancourt Bruce Brown Carol Brown Joe Carranza Mark Cohen Ron Crenshaw Judy Cunningham Dave Davis Rory Demis Zena Devres Kina Ellis Dan Falcone Tom Foti Joe Friendly Jack Gordon JR Guerra Lu Ann Horstman Michael Laden Bob Lamming Paul Landis Rodney Lewis Michelle Maldeau Harvey Newman Reina O'Casio Mildred Ortega Carl Person Christiane Pfistor Colleen Primrose Alan Rohde Arlene Rubin Michael Rubin Luke Rudkowski Jason Savas Robert Soret Craig Stetson Karen Terranova Hugo Zapata more to come....

    Posted 8 years ago #
  5. Victronix

    which Les included on the book table with other 9/11 materials on a busy night at St. Marks Church because it featured David Ray Griffin on the cover

    Funny, when Griffin was in NYC to speak, Les had Morgan Reynolds on the front of the website.

    Yeah, I would agree with JohnA, shadowboxing.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  6. JohnA

    it is very important to note that the letter above was sent without the permission of many of the names listed as signatories.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  7. truthmover

    And I should clarify that you are referring to the letter directly above addressed to us, and not the "open letter" to Les in the original post. Thanks for reminding us.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  8. truthmover

    which Les included on the book table with other 9/11 materials on a busy night at St. Marks Church because it featured David Ray Griffin on the cover

    According to Les he knew someone involved in publishing the magazine and that they would send him free back issues.

    He then proceeded to SELL them at meetings on TWO occasions. The first time not admitting it after John and I got on him about it being totally inappropriate.

    Then, with Ralph Schoenmann speaking, Les does it again, selling anti-Semitic literature while a Jew is speaking. And once again, I was told by someone having heard it right from Les' mouth ten seconds earlier that he said that the "magazine has some good articles."

    No it doesn't.

    The point here is that Luke signed and delivered the message, explicitly defending Les.

    Posted 8 years ago #
  9. christs4sale

    But it is in their misleading, manipulative handling of an issue of Criminal Politics Magazine, which Les included on the book table with other 9/11 materials on a busy night at St. Marks Church because it featured David Ray Griffin on the cover and a supportive article inside, as well as other articles a 9/11 audience would find of interest. Regarding the articles that were used to create a controversy and falsely accuse Les of being anti-Semitic, nobody else had complained and all in all, the magazine was viewed by others in the group as an anti-conspiracy, anti-new world order publication.

    It is ridiculous how they turn this back on you. It is clearly anti-Semitic literature and you can try to make it more palatable any way you want by calling it anti-conspiracy or anti-NWO (a term based on false premises and a lack of understanding of history), but it is still anti-Semitic literature. The founder and publisher of Criminal Politics speaks at the same conferences as Carto and others affiliated with the IHR. If you are distributing that, it could clearly be used for badjacketing purposes as James von Brun's actions and the media coverage has reminded us. All of Les' actions following this have been consistent with what our side has been alleging. None of Luke's allegations in this letter have stood the test of several years time.

    Nick and the others have persistently been driving a political wedge between our communal efforts, and we can afford it no longer.

    Communal efforts? Did anyone elect Les or Luke leaders? They are completely self-appointed from what I have seen. They just manuvered themselves in at the right time. Les is a terrible speaker, he had exclusive control over many aspects of NY 9/11 truth from the bank account to the website and he knows very little about 9/11. Who would want him as a leader? Luke has always been about self-promotion as the following poster, which was proposed as the NY 9/11 Truth 2006 Anniversary poster by Luke, shows:


    Interestingly enough, the most vocal opponent of this poster was Judy Cunningham. This came up during a 2006 Anniversary conference planning meeting.

    Look at all these NY 9/11 Truth mainstays who signed this thing:
    Charlie Betancourt
    Tom Foti
    Joe Friendly
    Lu Ann Horstman
    Harvey Newman
    Carl Person
    Luke Rudkowski

    Posted 8 years ago #
  10. JohnA

    uh oh - i feel a rant coming on...

    There are those who would say that all of this is the product of in-fighting.

    I think it is important to take a step back and really look hard at these facts.

    I know what it is to negotiate and mediate. In my personal life I deal with labor unions and have sat in on some of the toughest arbitrations you can imagine. I know the difference between good-faith negotiating and being stonewalled. I know the difference between honest debate and intentional interference and distraction.

    I tried. I worked with NY911Truth for years. I respected Les, when he was just one of a few of us who held vigils at ground zero in 2003. I never had any reason to not like him.

    I tried. I arranged sit-downs with Les and Nicholas Levis to discuss, in a reasonable way, the materials and research he was advocating. I attended meetings with Luke – a latecomer to the NY movement - who suddenly decided that those of us who had worked – for years – in the NY movement developing material and the public’s trust - should be pushed out the door in favor of Loose Change and In Plane Sight and Les’ s events that showcased disgraceful material from Rick Siegel and Jimmy Walter (with illuminati homosexual sex slavery videos – and pop music videos showing the victims of 9/11 jumping out windows).

    I tried.

    I tried telling Les that inviting a man wearing a Charles Manson t-shirt that said: “Crazy White Mother-Fucker” to ground zero was not a good idea. Yet, there this person was – every weekend at ground zero –in the same T-shirt - always right there on Les’ team handing out literature.

    I know when people are negotiating in good faith – and when they are not. I know when people are being unreasonable – by design. I know when I am talking to a real person – and when I am being stonewalled by a hidden agenda. There is no such thing as honest mediation when one camp is not negotiating in good faith.

    Even labor unions know when to strike – and when to settle. They may be the toughest negotiators in America – but even they know when to compromise.

    I know disingenuous when I see it. I know a liar when I see one. I know how to spot – a mile away – the Sander Hicks of this world who tap dance incessantly for 9/11 truth while they march to the beat of a different drummer that you can’t quite see – but you can just sense and smell is there – in one contradiction after another – one perfectly timed sabotage of a 9/11 event or initiative after another – one overly crafty email after another – one distraction and misdirection on top of another, wrapped in dishonesty and accusations and – above all – always always always showing up like some perverse reverse cavalry – just in the knick of time- to derail any ‘dangerous ideas’ – and upset the applecart with new and improved ideas… like space beams and TV Fakery and Criminal Politics and In Plane Sight and Loose Change and 9/11 Eyewitness and Alex Jones.

    Debate them all you want to. They are not real. Get that. They are not real. I do not know what they are. I will not speculate on what they are. But, I know a liar when I see one. Of that much I am certain.

    Criminal Politics? Anyone who cares should PONDER what that title means – and take the time to read it and ponder the content therein – and the agenda of the man who was handing it out – and the agenda of those who defended it.

    It is all right there – in plain sight – right in the title – above a picture of David Ray Griffin – dubbed ‘Criminal Politics.’

    Read between the lines – and connect the dots.

    Its not rocket science.

    Posted 8 years ago #


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