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Barrett and Bollyn at Nation of Islam last month (5 posts)

  1. BrianG

    I guess it happened in February. In 2010 Barrett's Khidria outfit was set to table at a meeting of the ISNA, and several of us independently contacted the ISNA and advised them of Barrett's bigotry and, AFAIK, ISNA withdrew their invitation for him to table.

    Lately it seems that only blatant bigots like Barrett and Bollyn and O'Keefe have the resources to go traveling around on speaking tours.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  2. truthmod

    9/11 Truth in 2017: Richard Gage appearing alongside Bollyn and Barrett at a Nation of Islam Conference. By Kevin Barrett

    “The War on Islam” situated 9/11 in the history of false-flag operations, zoomed in on some of the slam-dunk proof that 9/11 was an inside job, and finally pointed the finger at the main suspects: neoconservative Zionists bent on dragging the U.S. into an endless war on Israel’s enemies.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  3. truthmod

    Video of the event is posted here:

    Looks like mostly a bunch of Mossad did it crap.

    Posted 1 month ago #
  4. mark

    9/11 Truth is an inside job.

    -- John Judge (1946-2014)

    Posted 1 month ago #
  5. BrianG

    I sampled the NOI video. What I was looking for was Mr. Gage shaking hands with, or--horrors!--hugging Barrett or Bolllyn. I didn't find it. Last time I saw Barrett he wanted me to hug him. I said "I don't hug bigots!" Last time I saw Bollyn he was speaking to about 25 in San Francisco, and they were such shabby old sad-sacks I didn't even bother to pass out my protest flier.

    It looks like people like Barrett and Bollyn have deep pockets and the rest of us, after many years of expensive activism, don't.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #


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