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Alex Jones apologizes for promoting Pizza Gate (2 posts)

  1. truthmod

    Has this guy ever apologized for anything before?


    (A little ironic to see this on David Brock's Media Matters)

    Now even the Pizzagate brigade is calling out Jones as a plant. Interesting to see the level of discourse on Reddit:

    Despite him discounting pizzagate specifically he's been talking about gov. pedophilia (even "gating" it) the whole time tho, am I not remembering this correct? I swear to god he mentions it in some form on his show most of the time when I occasionally decide to ride the daily meme train for a bit.

    imo he's intentionally low signal to noise ratio, and he's developed a mastery of memetics and memetic propaganda that probably started intuitively(accidentally) and was developed over time—a bit of truth in every absurdist statement, frogs are gay, etc. can transfer info propagation of ideas that spread by a trojan horse of humor/memes. I think most people would've laughed at this a few years ago but its why the CIA was propositioning a fucking Meme Warfare Department.

    To me he's perfected infotainment (in a less derrogatory sense of the term) but I can see why people are iffy on him though. His manifestation as Bizarro World MSM, while kind of beautiful in some ironic way, isn't the best optics for someone in the fifth estate—especially when you're spearheaded by a guy selling fucking water filters and SUPER MALE VITALITY pills with him shirtless on the ads lmao

    moments of clarity, also obvious moments of garbage, overall chaotic good/10

    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. mark


    Posted 9 months ago #


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