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FBI releases new Pentagon 9/11 photos (1 post)

  1. truthmod

    Yeah, they just planted all that airliner wreckage, right? How much time has been wasted on this disinformation? I still hear intelligent people repeating it. Unless you got into 9/11 truth pretty deep, you were probably never even exposed to the counter-narrative debunking the Pentagon missile crap.

    The FBI has released never-before-seen photos of the devastation caused by the Pentagon attack on 9/11. The images range from airplane debris to rescue workers searching for survivors.

    A total of 27 new photos were released, showing the aftermath of the attack that claimed 184 innocent lives.

    Some of the images show fragments of American Airlines Flight 77, which was carrying 59 passengers and crew members when it crashed into the building. The attack killed everyone on board, including the five hijackers.

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