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Fake News Conference at Harvard (1 post)

  1. truthmod

    The authorities and the corporate media are so interested in teaching the public, "media literacy" now. Of course, the implication is that if it's not covered in the corporate media, it's not trustworthy.

    Harvard Conference: Combating Fake News: An Agenda for Research and Action

    LA Times Op-ed on Fake News from Harvard Professor

    We know, for example, that the more you’re exposed to things that aren’t true, the more likely you are to eventually accept them as true. As recent studies led by psychologist Gordon Pennycook, political scientist Adam Berinsky and others have shown, over time people tend to forget where or how they found out about a news story. When they encounter it again, it is familiar from the prior exposure, and so they are more likely to accept it as true. It doesn’t matter if from the start it was labeled as fake news or unreliable — repetition is what counts.

    This applies just as readily to the myths perpetrated by the corporate media and government propaganda.

    The Internet platforms have perhaps the most important role in the fight against fake news. They need to move suspect news stories farther down the lists of items returned through search engines or social media feeds. The key to evaluating credibility, and story placement, is to focus not on individual items but on the cumulative stream of content from a given website. Evaluating individual stories is simply too slow to reliably stem their spread.

    This sounds dangerous. You throw out everything from a source because it's been deemed "fake news."

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