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US Department of Justice Responds to MLK conspiracy claims (4 posts)

  1. truthmod

    Even putting aside their material contradictions, Jowers' accounts are not supported by credible evidence. In fact, there is significant contradictory physical evidence and absolutely no such corroborating evidence. The purported corroboration comes solely from alleged witness accounts. Much of that information, such as the claims of Spates and McCraw, is part and parcel of the original effort to package and promote Jowers' story. None of the information, when examined critically, supports Jowers' allegations.

    Jowers' motive for claiming involvement in the alleged conspiracy is also suspect. His friends and relatives have confirmed, based on statements he made, that he came forward anticipating financial rewards. Moreover, his conspiracy claims did not arise until 25 years after the assassination, when the HBO mock trial raised Jowers' hopes of making money. During preparation for the show, Jowers and his attorney directly asked a mock prosecution investigator for substantial compensation in exchange for supposed, new information, and afterward, the very first person Jowers went to with the specific details of his alleged account was the show's producer.

    Jowers' account is finally undermined by his conduct during our investigation. He refused to talk to us without immunity, despite the fact that he freely made self-incriminating, non-immunized statements to others, including a nationwide television audience. Moreover, when we acceded to his request and initiated the immunity process, he refused to provide a routine proffer, even though, at the very least, he would have received immunity for that statement. Jowers' conduct strongly indicates that he sought immunity to attain legitimacy for his otherwise unsubstantiated story, not to secure protection from prosecution.

    The totality of the evidence suggests that Jowers fabricated his allegations, hoping to promote a sensational account of a conspiracy to murder Dr. King.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  2. truthmod

    The game is all about doubt and confusion. Who has the patience or time to read all the arguments and counterarguments, debunking and de-debunking. They have the resources to undermine and question anything, in a detailed and seemingly official/reasonable form.

    Posted 7 months ago #
  3. truthmod

    Army feared King, secretly watched him
    Spying on blacks started 75 years ago
    By Stephen G. Tompkins
    The Commercial Appeal, Memphis Tennessee
    Sunday, March 21, 1993

    Posted 7 months ago #
  4. BrianG

    Mr. Jowers is indeed a weak point in the MLK conspiracy theory. He declined to appear at the trial, and his claim that the real MLK shooter was probably Earl Clark has now been abandoned by Dr. William Pepper. So it's smart for the DoJ to focus on him.

    If you read the 423,000 words of the conspiracy trial transcript you will find many corroborated experiences that are suggestive of a much wider plot than the story that one crazed racist acting alone took Dr. King down.

    I tend to be skeptical of the testimony of alleged "former" spooks with gaudy tales. I understand Dr. Pepper's sense of the obligation to include these, but I do wonder if they represent "a bridge too far" in the credibility of the total package Pepper presents.

    The smokescreen machine is starting up now in advance to try to create an atmosphere in which the many legitimate questions about the assassinations of MLK and RFK will be rejected before they are even examined in connection with the 50th anniversaries of those murders next year.

    The "false flag" movement about Sandy Hook, Boston, San Berdoo, Orlando, Charlie Hebdo, Belgium, Berlin, Stockholm, and now Manchester may be a deliberate effort to create an atmosphere of "doubt and confusion" or "conspiracy fatigue" such that the legitimate questions about RFK and MLK are ignored next year.

    Posted 7 months ago #


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