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  1. mark

    Posted 6 months ago #
  2. truthmod

    Past threads with good info on Sander Hicks.

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  3. truthmod

    More here, for anyone who's interested:

    NY911truth Ready for Mainstream, Tarpley, COINTELPRO, ETC. (50 posts)

    about Sander Hicks:

    in 2004 NY 911 Truth was able to secure a historic church - Riverside Church - in Harlem NYC - to hold a 911 truth event. This church was where Dr. Martin Luther King made his famous "beyond Vietnam" speech.

    even more encouraging - we managed to get ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter to agree to appear and speak. this was huge!!

    in the lead-up to this event the NY group worked harder than i have EVER seen this group work before to promote an event. we paid out of pocket expenses to professionally print literature and invitations that we handed out everywhere we could. the literature we prepared was balanced and mature. the effort we made phenomenal. we attended ANSWER and United For Peace and Justice events to invite everyone we could. we spent countless hours at ground zero and Union Square park handing out invitations. we prepared press kits that we distributed to all of the media. (in those days there was a completely airtight media blackout on 911 Truth) many of our banners read: End the Media Blackout on 911.

    just a few weeks before the event we held a meeting at Columbia University to discuss our plans. Sander Hicks showed up. i had never heard of him. he was a complete stranger - yet certain members of the NY group suddenly voted to make him our keynote speaker!! i have no idea why. but - at the time i was a quiet member of the group who went along with whatever the majority wanted. but i was perplexed as t o why a complete stranger would be given this privilage.

    the agreement was that he would prepare a speech and slideshow.

    on the day of the event we drew 800 people. it appeared to be a huge success - despite the protests outside the church being waged by Nico Haupt and Angie D'Urso who were handing out literature attacking out guests.

    and then Sander Hicks spoke.

    it was something out of the Twillight Zone. he had no slideshow. he discussed NONE of the research we had all agreed upon - instead choosing to reference obscure articles from HUSTLER MAGAZINE. (in a church - LOL!!) his delivery vascilated from whispering (so no one could hear him) to screaming. Over half the audience walked out - many with their hands over their ears. i shit you not. no exaggeration. Many of the activists involved in organizing this event were reduced to tears. Finally - mercifully - Jamie Hecht (From the Wilderness) walked on stage and literally pulled him off.

    it was a tremendous defeat.

    to this day i do not know how and why Sander Hicks suddenly appeared - a virtual stranger - and given the reigns over this event. but he single handedly scuttled the entire opportunity. his rambling histrionics and non-sensicle speech defied explanation.

    but - was i surprised years later to discover that Dr Fetzer was appearing at Hick's coffee house in Brooklyn? no. no suprise there.

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  4. BrianG

    I saw Sander give a pretty good talk to 20 - 30 people at Stanford Law School in an event organized by Janette MackInlay.

    Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make run for Congress.

    Posted 5 months ago #


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