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New! Improved! MUJCA website! (6 posts)

  1. BrianG

    Check out "About Us" for their team of pretty investigators. They're even prettier than Jesse ventura's team on Tru TV. So pretty that it looks like a stock photo. (And check out the lighting.)

    Wait, it IS a stock photo! Surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Check out the caption to the photo:

    "We can not be biased while giving our views on a topic. So it is recommended for the readers that they do not get hurt while reading something specific about any religion, race etc.

    "As it is our duty to put up every fact related to the theory. We have no intentions of hurting anyone’s sentiments or religious beliefs.

    "If anyone is hurt by the views on our pages, we are sorry for that."

    Check out under "Movie Protrayal" (sic)

    "The attacks on the USA on 9/11 was a blow to humanity."

    It's reminiscent of "All your base are belonging to us." Not even Barrett can write that badly.
    Is this Kazakh English?

    The contact address is "555 Commerce Lane, MN". No city, no zip code.

    The contact phone number is "555.202.4901". The 555 area code appears to be a phony one.

    The site appears to be an elaborate prank by foreigners. But then, Barrett had so long been engaging in self-satire that I really don't know what to think.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  2. truthmod

    Is Kevin Barrett's name even on this site?

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  3. BrianG

    Excellent question. Yesterday when I searched on I got some of those traffic monitoring sites that told me that Kevin Barrett was the registered name, and even gave his address in a small town in Wisconsin. I did not bother to record the names of those sites. Curious, I tracked down the address with Google streetview, and then Google satellite. Looks like a vacation or retirement home.

    Now, trying to retrace my steps, I can not find those monitoring sites in my browser history. Strange.

    I suppose that if you doubt his association with the mujca dot com site, you could ask him if it's his.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  4. mark

    Pretty unlikely that any actual Jewish people would be associated with M U J C A given the support to Holocaust deniers. Of course, there are plenty of Muslims who also reject this nonsense.

    Cointelpro or crazy, either way it's best ignoring.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  5. BrianG

    I have questioned since 2006 whether MUJCA had any actual Jewish presence. I recognized that their logo in the early days was basically a desecrated Israeli flag that incorporated the Israeli star in a corrupt form.

    When you, Mark, got into your hassles with Barrett over Zundel and Green (et al.) I recognized that this was a teachable moment, and if MUJCA had any validity at all they would step in and teach, and apologize for Dr. Barrett's behavior, and explain why he was so provoked as to say what he did.

    There was no response from MUJCA. Barrett's response was to say that you were an asshole, and so whatever he said to you was justified.

    A couple of years later, Lou Stolzenberg became the Director of MUJCA. I suspected at the time that her major qualification might be her Jewish-sounding name. IIRC, she was a Methodist.

    I disagree that they're best ignored. When they present demonstrable bullshit like presenting pretty Romanian models as if that were their research team, the4y need to be called out for their bullshit.

    Barrett's associations with the worst elements of the 9/11 Truth Movement mean that attacking him creates our best chance of taking down all of them, and isolating them from folks like Griffin and Gage and Brouillet who don't know any better than to associate with them.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #
  6. mark

    Sorry to say but the 9/11 Half Truth Movement is like the dead parrot in the Monty Python sketch. It's an "ex movement."

    Griffin and Brouillet have both promoted Holocaust deniers and a variety of 9/11 hoaxes. Probably sincere but the motive doesn't really matter. Gage is promoting nonsense about the towers while ignoring suppressed warnings, overlapping wargames, etc.

    John Judge, Mike Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, Peter Dale Scott and others like them were much more useful and accurate perspectives on 9/11 "means, motive, opportunity." Good luck getting what's left of 9/11 "truth" to highlight that.

    Posted 3 weeks ago #


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