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  1. truthmover

    Forum Guidelines

    The TruthMove discussion forum was created in order to provide a venue for the open and honest discussion of those issues addressed on our website. We welcome news, analysis, opinion, and critique.

    This space is meant to be a place where people can learn more about the Truth Movement and its many concerns. It is also a place for movement activists to have candid and productive conversation. Facilitating the movement's strength is responding effectively to it's weaknesses. Therefore we encourage the logical critique of our project, or any other, in the interest of our mutual growth. We can not ignore the truth of the movement.

    Our forum will be maintained as a space free of comments that are posted by people obviously intending only to invalidate our efforts or distract us from focused conversation. While we welcome even the most philosophical critique of our purpose, the line between genuine critique and simple provocation is most often quite clear.

    Please respect the curiosity, intelligence, and skepticism of our project, and everyone who posts to the forum. Please respect the letter and intent of these guidelines.

    Moderation strategy:

    1. Threads or posts that quote entire articles or previous posts may be reduced to a short quote and link.

    2. Multiple threads posted on the same subject may be collapsed into one.

    3. Threads or posts that have no bearing on the subject or themes of this site may be deleted.

    4. Threads or posts containing highly inaccurate or derogatory statements may be edited or deleted.

    5. Threads or posts linking to false of derogatory material may be edited or deleted.

    6. Threads or posts seriously advocating violence will be deleted.

    7. Threads or posts addressing forum moderation outside this thread will be deleted.

    Editing may occur without notification. Significant violations of the forum guidelines will be met with a Moderator Comment indicating the problem. People who ignore these concerns will have their account deactivated.

    Posted 10 years ago #
  2. truthmover

    Temp order kick

    Posted 9 years ago #
  3. makassar

    hi..I am Nida from Indonesia. I found truthmove when I was in Santa cruz , UCSC Inn when media truth summit conference was held. I am working on a research about The War and Terrorist... "Media-ized" by penthagon.Thanks

    Posted 9 years ago #


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