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NY9/11Truth endorses "world communist conspiracy" (5 posts)

  1. NicholasLevis

    NY9/11Truth endorses "world communist conspiracy"

    Is there one book that exposes "the secret machinations of our government and financial system"? I could think of a few pretty good candidates for a general understanding... I might start by recommending William Blum's compendium on the history of CIA covert operations worldwide.

    But here is what Les Jamieson, the man who pretends to be the sole legitimate voice of 9/11 Truth in New York City, writes in a mass mailing this week:

    Folks, an activist from Westchester who I recently met, Brian, has a web site with links to an online version of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy". This books is a classic. I urge all to take the time and read this incredible primer on the secret machinations of our government and financial system. Go to:

    Over and out for now. See you at Ground Zero on Saturday...

    The text linked at the above speaks for itself. In case you were wondering, the rich are running a world communist conspiracy to make America Red - and godless!!!

    (Hey, we do now have the "Red States," do we not?)

    A choice quote that is worthy of FOX NEWS:

    "A Maoist can be tolerated by Liberals of Ivory Towerland or by the Establishment's media pundits, but to be a conservative, and a conservative who propounds a conspiratorial view, is absolutely verboten."

    The book by Gary Allen presents an entirely speculative construct of a single world conspiracy out to "destroy America," i.e. reassuring the citizens of the imperial power that they are the true victims, even if a million Iraqis die. The actual history, put together by real scholars, of how the military-intelligence complex dominates the world, seems trivial by comparison.

    Apparently Les wants the broad 9/11 Truth movement for justice and disclosure, which anyone can understand, characterized instead as a narrow product of the conspiracy cottage industry. Mission accomplished?

    Posted 11 years ago #
  2. truthmod

    les' blatant tendencies

    yes, les has a hard time hiding his conservative tendencies. strange, how the right and left wing conspiratorial perspectives can blur together.

    for example, the "new world order" conspiracy:

    someone should (has anyone?) write a good book on this subject...

    Posted 11 years ago #
  3. Yeritsian

    Alex Constantine's Article on the Birchers/NWO Theories

    Fascinating Constantine piece on the history of the John Birch Society (with whom Gary Allen was associated) and its myriad connections to the American far right:

    Relevant portion on Allen:

    'Gary Allen, one of the foremost propagandists in the Birch pantheon, was the author of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, a "'76 Press" product, a Birch Society bible and stunning success that has sold over four million copies, according to a publisher's blurb. Picture, if you will, the nation's corporate elite driving for a "Great Merger" with the Soviet Kremlin, poisoning the entire world with Communism. This is among the central themes of The Rockefeller File (1976), Allen's critique of the most powerful family in the world, the dreaded CFR and United World Federalists the One World people. At first glance, Allen's books may appear a confused clot of paranoid political fantasies. He claims that the Carnegie and Rockefeller money machines have "jumped into the financing of education and the social sciences with both Left feet" - as though these foundations traveled with Fidel Castro, when in fact they have proven time and again to serve as funding conduits of the CIA, an agency with interests that do not exactly correspond with socialism. The result, Allen laments, has been "a sharp Socialist-Fascist turn" (p. 45). Decipher this one, and you have clambered onto the eerie, fog-bound island of ultra-conservative conspiracy theories, teeming with nationalistic puffery and Bible-thumping "moral" sentiment. The Union Theological Seminary, the reader learns, turns out armies of "Christian-Communists." Dan Smoot, an infamous fascist organizer, "scholar," a former FBI agent, was, from Allen's perspective, a heroic David who stood his ground against the wicked Environmental Protection Agency (p. 142). The New York Times, per Allen, is a clearinghouse of left-wing mind control (p. 66).

     Gary Allen's oblique reasoning was often identical to Adolph Hitler's anti-democratic tirades. "The present democracy of the West," wrote Germany's Fuhrer, "is the forerunner of Marxism which would be unthinkable without it. It is democracy alone which furnishes this universal plague the soil in which it spreads." '
    Posted 11 years ago #
  4. truthmover

    Trading credibility for attendance - Attack of the Big Tent

    Les has a tent so big you could hold a circus inside. And sometimes it seems like that's his plan. Assuming his intentions are positive, you have to wonder about the depth of his strategic thinking. It doesn't seem that he has publically disavowed a connection to 'Criminal Politics', and Eustice Mullins. Or maybe he has and I just missed the announcement? You'd think getting removed from the Steering Committee of would chasten him, but instead he seems to be avoiding the whole thing. Part of me really wishes that he would come here and debate this at length, but that would expose Les more than he ever allows.

    Also frustrating is the fact that you can't criticise anyone in the movement, other than Nico, and not be attacked for being a 'gatekeeper', or an illegitimate 9/11 truther. If someone told me that they saw Webster Tarpley, just for example, working with neo-nazi's, I wouldn't immediately jump to Tarpley's defence. I would simply judge the veracity of the data that I am receiving. And if the information were credible, it wouldn't trigger some kind of 9/11 truth paradigm crisis. I'd just accept the greater awareness of how this movement has been infiltrated by all manner of conservative interests.

    I'm not sure that the movement really should have charismatic leaders. We need leaders with humility, who encourage people to learn and think for themselves. We need leaders that encourage independence. Barrie Zwicker comes to mind. 9/11 Truth for Dummies isn't going to cut it. If you dumb this down enough to sell it to everyone, it becomes something like the Pentagon Strike flash video. Just enough to whet your appetite or turn you off completely.

    There are more and less credible and effective ways to promote 9/11 truth. I'm not going to be standing under a big umbrella with people like Eustice Mullins. The prudent wing of the movement is currently gathering steam, and I hope that it will soon overshadow those who would trade credibility for attendance.

    Posted 11 years ago #
  5. truthmod

    great thread, this is what truthmove is for!

    This is the kind of thing i like to see being discussed on TruthMove.

    Many people, and a surprising number in the 9/11 Truth movement, cannot go that extra skeptical/rational step to deconstruct disinformation/deception when it appears to support their cause or attack a common enemy.

    I have a theory that people just don't want to feel alone, especially in such an alienating process as awakening to the fact that most of mainstream reality/news is a lie. Thus, their credulity threshold is lowered and they are quick to accept "allies" who
    appear to be working in the same direction. What do Pat Robertson or the John Birch Society have in common with Ralph Schoenmann or David Ray Griffin? Not much. Remember, uber-fascists want "revolutionary" change just as much as we do, they're just willing to use any means or deception to bring it about. We want you to think, they definitely don't want you thinking.

    There is a critical distinction between those involved in the various truth movements who distribute/associate with or apologize for questionable and fascist-leaning material/individuals and those who are not afraid to call bullshit on the bullshit.

    While it has always been a point of contention, I believe that this issue will be the crux of a second phase in the Truth Movement. New York's 9/11 Truth community has recently seen a healthy disambiguation over questionable and sloppy approaches/evidence/associations. This is a good split, it's not divisiveness or the disruption of infiltrators; it makes sense, it's necessary. This trend will likely continue to spread throughout the community, and we will be stronger, healthier, more focused, and more united because of it.

    Truth Will Prevail

    Posted 11 years ago #


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