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August 2

TruthMove on Truth Revolution Radio

Max and Julian from TruthMove were on Truth Revolution Radio, hosted by Cosmos. The show was a discussion about the upcoming General Strike on 9/11/07. We also discussed our organization, the webside, and disinformation in the movement.


February 20

William Pepper on Disinfo and COINTELPRO on 9/11 Visibility with Michael Wolsey

This week, Visibility 9-11 visits the topic of COINTELPRO in the 3rd part of a new series on issues facing the 9-11 Truth Movement. “Left gatekeepers”, dis-information specialists, agent provocateurs, and internet “trolls” all work to distract and/or discredit the fine work of literally thousands of good and caring Americans involved in 9-11 Truth. It is important to recognize the history of things our government has done which has violated every tenet of a free society.

This broadcast features an interview with author and researcher Dr. William F. Pepper. Dr. Pepper gave a key note speech at the June 2006 conference, 9-11 Revealing the Truth; Reclaiming Our Future, where he warned the crowd of activists of the existence of COINTELPRO forces which would seek to destroy all of their hard work. During his work with Martin Luther King before his murder, Dr. Pepper saw first hand what agents of the state could do to a social movement.

Counter Intelligence Programs, or COINTELPRO, are one more example of the federal governments’ raping of our rights. These abuses were going on during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and though they were prohibited by the Church Committee regulations, they have not ceased. They are alive and well within political groups which would seek to bring about truth, justice and accountability to our government. 9-11 Truth is no exception and activists need to educate themselves on the “dirty little tricks” our government uses against our rights to free speech and association. Only then, can we learn to recognize, and then address the attempts which would tear down all of our hard work.

This is one of the most important programs I have ever produced. I hope that you will all take it to heart and encourage others to hear this interview and the entire special report on COINTELPRO.


February 10

John Albanese discusses disinfomation on “Visibility 9-11”


January 21

9/11 Dust - Audio About WTC Environmental/Health Issues

Featuring Penny Little (Producer of the new movie “9/11 Dust and Deceit”), Jenna Orkin, and first responder John Feal.

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