FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Who funds you? How did you get such a professional web site?

So far, we are completely self-funded, although we just recently started accepting donations. We are lucky enough to have a very talented and dedicated web/graphic designer as one of our members.

Ok, so what should we do? How do I join up? How can I help? Do you need a million dollars?

First, see the Action section. If you want to start spreading truth just get out there and do it!

If you want to help out with TruthMove or have specific skills or resources to donate, contact us and let us know what you can do. We could definitely use help with promotion, web design, fundraising…For now, please visit the Forum to contact us.

Who are YOU to tell ME what the truth is? Who do think you are? Where do you get off?

We do not claim to possess the Truth. Everybody must decide for themselves what truth is. We only hope to provide a resource for underappreciated and supressed information. TruthMove doesn’t have a set of concrete “truths” or a certain philosophy that we intend to impose on others. Instead, we are more interested in the process of truth–by which people start to become curious and think for themselves.

TruthMove is the work of individuals, and our subjective voice is meant to be a part of the site. We will always be willing to debate and/or revise our content based on new information. Truth is a process and so is the site.

We rarely refer to “Universal Truth” or “Transcendant Truth.” We are much more concerned with worldly truths that CAN be confirmed and documented. We usually see postmodern questions like, “What is truth?” or “Who can really know the truth?” as distractions and diversions from revolutionary concrete facts (truths).

For example, it is a fact that WTC building 7 collapsed at 5:20pm on 9/11/01. This is the truth and the video of this event proves it beyond a reasonable doubt. What this fact means to you and what conclusions you make with it are up to you.

Why don’t you talk about the Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Shapeshifting Aliens, UFO Technology, etc.?

We are concerned with priorities. This means we choose to cover some things over others. Some additional subjects will be covered in future revisions of the TruthMove site. Others will not. This is our prerogative. If you think certain topics deserve more attention, you can let us know or you can start your own site.

Do you think all terrorism is fake?

No. September 11 was not fake in the sense that real violence was done and real people died. We assert that many terrorist events have been used, shaped and even created by states and institutional forces in order to serve their interests. False flag terrorism and deception have a long histories. We don’t think that terrorism is fake, just that the terrorists with the power and cunning to do the most damage are the people in the seats of power.

We believe that there are real Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and terrorist groups. We also believe that the evidence shows that some of these groups have been thoroughly surveilled, infiltrated, and used.

While there may be some less nefarious explanation for some of these events, we believe there is compelling evidence that the “official stories” are incomplete and deceptive. We seek a fuller understanding and we are not just going to accept what we’re told.

Why do you call it the “international Truth Movement”? I only see you talking about the USA.

We write about what we know. What happens in the world’s only remaining superpower directly applies to the rest of the world. US influence dominates the globe, so people everywhere should take in interest in what happens here. The US has also been the primary purveyor of modern consumerism and industrialism which are having dire global effects.

So what do you really think happened on September 11?

Dick Cheney personally planted bombs in the towers and pushed the plunger on the detonator while flying a holographic flight simulator. Seriously, we don’t see the need to speculate as to what exactly happened. The evidence speaks for itself. The most reasonable explanation is that the 9/11 attacks were planned and orchestrated in conjunction with elements in the highest levels of government and intelligence within the US establishment. If that’s not enough to get you mad or if you’re waiting for a perfect explanation until you start doing something then you just don’t get it.

Human history is full of violence and domination. What makes you think that the future will be any different?

History also shows an unbroken thread humanism, compassion and higher ideals. We are not interested in defeatism; nor are we irrationally optimistic. We certainly believe that the future may hold in store for us great amounts of suffering, chaos, and death. This is no reason give up. In fact, the worse things look, the more important it is for conscious people to stand up and try to make them better. Fatalism, cynicism, and apathy are cop-outs. We call for a new age of conscious, personal engagement.

What is your goal? What would you most like to see happen?

Our goal is to have a revolution in consciousness that will drive people to replace the current destructive system with a more humanistic, sustainable one. We hope that this paradigm shift or awakening will be so powerful and widespread that it will mark a new age in human evolution.

We are facing unavoidable environmental challenges of pollution, mass extinction, global warming, and peak oil. Other than a true miracle, technology and ingenuity will not save us from reaping what we have sown. Therefore, we see the ideal future as one in which human beings work together rationally to minimize suffering while society transitions to a more positive and sustainable system.

Fundamentally, we hope that humans will wake up to the reality that infinite growth, consumption, and greed is an untenable way of life. And that spending precious resources on killing each other, as the global ecosystem is rapidly being destroyed, is insane. Essentially, we want humanity to face the truth before it is too late.