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IntroWelcome to TruthMove!

TruthMove is an organization dedicated to promoting personal and social change through the process of truth.

The ‘truth’ is what you get when people are being honest with themselves and one another, thinking logically, and working to determine a mutually valid perspective. Revolutionary truth is what you get when honesty and insight lead people to conclusions that fundamentally contradict the mainstream view. Here you will find both.

TruthMove is an organization dedicated to promoting an accurate and cogent view of current events and their global context, by clearly summarizing and widely promoting an array of facts, news, and analyses, that have been systematically and structurally suppressed by the dominant channels of information.

TruthMove hopes to act as a resource for those attempting to find answers to some very challenging personal questions that we ourselves have faced. Honesty and curiosity can lead us to question fundamental assumptions we’ve made about the world, and our place in it. What we find when drawing back the curtain may not be easy to face.

While psychologically challenging, acceptance of the truth can lead us to a very empowering sense of personal independence, and an educational purpose common to so many present and historical struggles for justice.

Why a Truth Movement is important:

A good majority of social movements have one basic priority in common. They each have a set of facts that they want to convey to the public. Facts that are not widely understood or respected as they are not well covered or deeply addressed by the mainstream media.

These movements and the organizations and individuals within them want the public to be informed about issues that may greatly determine their future. With that information the people are able to guide themselves and one another in a positive direction.

In other words, all these different social movements have a shared or parallel priority of promoting informed consent and working to maintain those rights associated with it. The right to freedom of expression and the vitality of an independent media being of central importance.

Therefore, we see here common ground on which these movements can recognize a shared interest that runs parallel to their specific priorities without requiring any compromise of their basic character. And this shared interest can form the basis for unified action.

Why we are doing this:

  • War, consumption, and waste, threaten ecological and humanitarian disaster
  • U.S. corporations have more authority in shaping policy than the electorate
  • The U.S. government is violating international and Constitutional law
  • The U.S. military is working to establish comprehensive global dominance
  • Intelligence agencies have returned to suppressing domestic dissent
  • Mainstream news journalism does not provide adequate representation of facts
  • Public education involves learning incomplete and inaccurate history
  • Progressive movements remain fractured despite common commitment to fact
  • Public fears, misconceptions, and apathy, threaten democratic society

What we are trying to do:

  • Promote accurate history and independent journalism
  • Provide an accessible introduction to issues of national and global significance
  • Conduct weekly street action and educational events
  • Prioritize the common investment in fact among diverse interest groups
  • Connect with organizations and people who share a commitment to the truth
  • Address the psychological challenges of becoming broadly informed
  • Encourage the development of an international “Truth Movement”