9/11 Truth

There is widespread evidence and documentation that elements of the US government were involved in facilitating the 9/11 attacks. This is not to say that Muslim extremists were not involved or that everything was faked. Many of the claims attributed to the “9/11 truth movement” are speculative, irresponsible, and downright false. This does not change the fact that there is a huge body of legitimate evidence.

Whether or not one believes that government complicity is conceivable or possible does not matter until he or she has personally reviewed the evidence. All citizens should be vigilant in independently studying important events or issues such as 9/11, rather than simply accepting the official line from the government and corporate media (or from alternative sources such as TruthMove).

Deconstructing the official story of 9/11 seems to be a process which is “awakening” people throughout the world. Many are beginning to see the brutal and deceptive nature of the ruling powers and the complete subjugation of the media to corporate interests and official propaganda.

In this way, 9/11 is an opportunity of extraordinary magnitude for consciousness building and positive change.

The Truth Movement is much larger than 9/11 Truth. At the same time, 9/11 is one of the most effective single issues we have. 9/11 is a recent event that we all experienced personally, in one way or another. It is also probably the most world-changing event of our time.

9/11 has been used to justify the reshaping of our world in very ominous ways – preemptive wars, imperialism, torture, the stripping away of civil rights and the criminalization of dissent. Understanding 9/11 should be important to everyone.

It is not an easy thing to believe that our government could or would deceive us on such a scale. The concept of government complicity points to a lot of other disturbing possibilities, such as:

  1. Our government may kill us to further their agenda.
  2. The world media function as a propaganda machine and perpetuate “big lies.”
  3. Commonly accepted “reality” and “history” are full of lies and deceptions.
  4. Our government is run by terrorists and it is they who “hate our freedom.”
  5. The responsibility for changing this state of affairs lies on our shoulders, personally.

Eleven pieces of evidence you should know about:

  • Over the course of attacks, more than an hour and a half, NORAD air defense failed to intercept any of the hijacked aircraft. Fighter jets are stationed at bases throughout the US, often on “5 minute alert” to be “scrambled” and respond to domestic air emergencies. This failure was due to unexplained delays in reporting and responding, between the command authority, FAA, and military.

  • Several war games and drills were being conducted on 9/11, including mock-hijackings and a mock plane crash.

  • There were multiple, specific warnings from foreign governments of impending attacks, including potential targets and the names of several alleged 9/11 hijackers.

  • The main members of the 9/11 Commission all had major conflicts of interest. The Commission Report omitted and altered evidence that contradicted the official story (see Sibel Edmonds and WTC 7).

  • Insider trading (put options on American, United and other 9/11-affected companies) was never properly investigated. The SEC could trace who made these trades.

  • Reports of involvement by Pakistani Intelligence (ISI) were never officially acknowledged or investigated.

  • Some prominent travelers such as San Francisco mayor Willie Brown and top Pentagon officials were reportedly warned not to fly on 9/11. Who warned them? What did they know? Other groups and individuals also received warnings or suspiciously changed plans or moved out of the WTC soon before 9/11.

  • Until 9/11/01, no steel frame skyscraper had ever collapsed completely due to fire. With only moderate fires and minor structural damage, WTC Building 7 imploded at 5pm into a tidy pile of rubble. The collapse of the towers and WTC 7 all exhibited characteristics of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

  • Several FBI investigations which could have uncovered the 9/11 plot were squashed and sabotaged by key FBI officials.

  • In September, 2000, Neo-Con think tank, “Project for the New American Century” (PNAC) said of their imperialistic vision, “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” PNAC members included Bush Administration insiders such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby and Perle.

  • There are many historical precedents of “false flag” and state sponsored terrorism. Operation Northwoods was a top secret US plan in the 1960s to carry out a campaign of terror, including blowing up airplanes, and blame it on Cuba as a pretext to invade and overthrow Castro.